Thursday, 27 August 2009

27/08/2009 - Good to be back

Here's some new tracks for you...

When It Comes to You - Dire Straits
Holding Back the Years - Simply Red
My My, Hey Hey - Neil Young
Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
Get Together - The Youngbloods
For What it's Worth - Buffalo Springfield
Mr. Soul - Buffalo Springfield (one of my most favourite tracks ever!)
These Are The Days of Our Lives - Queen
Love on the Rocks with No Ice - The Darkness

Bon Apetito!!! };-)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

07/07/2009 - So Long and Thanks for all the Tracks!

Apologies for the time we've had off the air waves... we'll call it a week long silence in tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

But... now we're back... hope you enjoy today's playlist. All comments appreciated!

Lump - Sludgefeast
Like Treasures - Sludgefeast
Let Me In - Mufflon 5
Orangeman Claygirl - A Shrine
Hrrn Hrrn - The Bear Quartet
Another Reason - Stardog
Oh Boy - Stickboy
My Sacrifice - The Drowners
Rockin' in the Free World - Neil Young

Thursday, 25 June 2009

25/06/2009 - proud to commit commercial suicide :)

Todays playlist, some cracking tunes here.

Being a Girl (pt. 1) - Mansun
Big Love (live) - Fleetwood Mac
Salt Sweat Sugar - Jimmy Eat World
Anna Molly - Incubus
Man in a Suitcase - The Police
Out - Southpaw
Music for Chameleons - Gary Numan
Pieces - Dinosaur Jr.
Cockroaches (live) - Nailbomb

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

23/06/2009 Playlist

Today's selection, to cheer up your working (or non-working) day... enjoy!

Six - Mansun
Barriers - Janus Stark
Waking Up In Vegas (Remix) - Katy Perry
Everyone Dies - Cold
I Wish U Would - Luciana
Springhill Disaster - The Dubliners
Weak and Powerless (Remix) - A Perfect Circle
Summer's in Bloom - Reef
I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris

Monday, 22 June 2009

22/06/2009 Playlist

First week day after father's day playlist...

Boom Bang A Bang - Lulu
Watsui Rodeo - Guadalcanal Diary
Headlock - Esser
Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun
Do It - Nelly Furtado
1993 - Dananananaykroyd
Daisycutta - Kool Keith, Esoteric, SevenL
Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol
L.S.F - Kasabian

Friday, 19 June 2009

19/06/2009 Launch bonus playlist

Launch day bonus, 5 extra tracks...

Strawberry - Butthole Surfers
Howling Boy - Scheer
Wilma's Rainbow - Helmet
Friday Night - The Darkness
Say What You Came To Say - Scheer

RadioHug episode 1 - 19/06/2009

Today's playlist:

We Are 138 - The Misfits
What's on your Mind (Pure Energy) - Information Society
Just Like Honey - Jesus and Mary Chain
Sound of the Suburbs - The Members
Thanks for the Night - The Damned
19 - Paul Hardcastle
Astro Zombies - The Misfits
Need to Feel Loved - Reflekt & Delline Bass
Happy Talk - Captain Sensible

Tune in now...